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Positive change starts with a conversation. Learn to better support, welcome, and include individuals on the autism spectrum in a variety of community settings!

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Support across sectors

We believe every community should take action to support and include individuals on the autism spectrum.

Learn to better support the mental health of Autistic youth and adults.

In 2021, CAN & Autism Nova Scotia conducted a national survey of over 110 clinicians from across Canada. With direct community feedback, we discovered a significant gap in autism training among mental health professionals.

  • Customized Workshops: Learn about the unique mental health needs of Autistic individuals.
  • Consultation: Connect with us to develop resources that will improve your support long-term.

We’ve worked with Foundry BC and Crisis Centre BC to increase autism understanding among mental health professionals.

Coming this Fall!

Access online courses directly through the CAN Learning Management System.

Starting this Fall, we will offer all online training options in one central platform.

Courses will be available for first responders, sports & rec leaders, mental health providers, and travel providers. With more to come!