We Heard You: Why are programs offered at less than ideal times/days of the week?

Sep 28, 2018

We Heard You is a new blog series that addresses some of the common questions and themes that arise from our seasonal parent and participant feedback surveys.

Today we are answering a frequently asked question about the timing of our programs.

Why are programs offered at less than ideal/times of the week?

We are proud and fortunate to partner with various community and municipal organizations across the province to deliver our programming. Some of the agreements provide us with reduced rates or even free space, however, the subsidized costs can also mean that we are limited by the days and times offered to us.

We recognize that some program days and times are less than ideal and will continue to work with our partners to secure the best times available. That said, recreation centres are under a lot of pressure from multiple other user groups looking for pool, ice and gym time and as a result they have limited availability, particularly when it comes to arena and pool time.

By delivering our programs in facilities that offer reduced rates or complimentary space, we are able to save costs and accommodate even more individuals with autism, which is our ultimate goal with registration.

The graph below depicts the level of member satisfaction with various elements of CAN programming including length, timing, location, and cost of the program.

Graph results from Spring Survey
Graph results from Spring Survey

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